Once Upon a Lyme

Once Upon a Lyme…

There was a 26 year-old woman with her whole life ahead of her. Marathoner. Elementary Music Teacher. Actor. Yogi. Star Wars nerd. Then she got Lyme Disease, and went from marathon runner to needing help to walk five minutes in the space of a week. She now channels her love of teaching children to creating resources that parents and teachers alike can use to help kids stay healthy in whimsical ways that promote knowledge, not fear. Please feel free to use and share these animations, completely free. After all, knowledge is power. Use these videos to share the message of health and hope with the world.

Let’s begin.

Once Upon a Lyme: A Children’s Book

Download Animated Children’s Book: Once Upon a Lyme HERE

“Once Upon a Lyme” is a whimsical animated children’s book designed to educate our youth on how to protect themselves from ticks and Lyme Disease in a light, animated fashion. Due to popular request, a book-only version of Once Upon a Lyme is now available for download for use in schools and other educational forums.

Download Animated Children’s Book: Once Upon a Lyme HERE

Get Tick-less: The Music Video

Download Animated Musical Parody: Get-Tickless HERE

Tick checks are no fun. It’s just a fact. Get Tick-less was created to give kids something to move and groove to while they’re checking for any tiny trespassers. Can we say Tick-check dance party?? Get-Tick-less is designed to turn tick checks from a boring chore to a way to perfect your dance moves AND stay healthy and strong. After all, fun is a much more powerful motivator than fear!

May is Lyme Disease Awareness month. Help create a better future for ourselves and children by pledging to Get Tick-less every day in the month of May. Give this video a Thumbs Up to add your voice to the Get Tick-less Revolution! Of course, once May is over, well… you’ve already done the hard part and established the habit, so you might as well keep it going!

Download Animated Musical Parody: Get-Tickless HERE

Learn More

Discover more about Lyme Disease, its symptoms, and help for those already suffering through these sensational organizations! Check out the awesome resources they offer, including funding for the thousands of Lyme warriors whose medical bills have brought them to the brink of bankruptcy.

Do More

Despite the fact that there are over 300,000 new cases of Lyme Disease reported every year in the United States, Lyme Disease has one of the lowest research allotments of any disease.

Lyme Funding Comparisons

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Join me in doing more by supporting this sensational organization. They are working tirelessly to help educate, fund research to combat this horrible epidemic.

As a long-time Lyme Warrior, I’ve committed to donate 20% of all sales from Elements by Kaitlyn to these wonderful organizations for the entire month of May.

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