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I’m Kaitlyn Guay, jewelry designer, author and lover of the elements

Kaitlyn is a writer, musician, and proud Star Wars lover, something you may have guessed by her twitter handle @thefemaleyoda. In another life, she was a blissfully content music teacher, until a severe case of Chronic Lyme Disease took her down a new path. Through the depths of an illness that confined her to the house, she wrote her first Young Adult fantasy novel called Elements, which inspired the spin-off jewelry line before you today! She has also written an animated children’s book on Lyme Disease called Once Upon a Lyme to help parents, schools, and teachers educate children on Lyme Disease prevention in a light, whimsical fashion. Feel free to find her on social media, and check out her blog, The Female Yoda, a site for brave souls looking to thrive through chronic illness. She currently lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley with her husband Mark and her cat who thinks he’s a dog. His name (shocker!) is Yoda.

My Inspiration

I wrote this storybook to empower children, “Once Upon a Lyme”

The events leading up to the creation of Elements by Kaitlyn began about two years ago. I’d been struggling with a debilitating illness for years prior, but on October 15, 2013, I collapsed, my illness progressing to the point where I was unable to leave my home. Depression reigned, a loss of identity left me feeling hollow, and the life-long optimist inside me began to wither with each passing month. Legs that had once run marathons now shook with the effort of cooking an egg or taking a shower. I explored methods of healing from all over the globe, to no avail.

Finally, one blustery spring day, I decided that I would wait no longer. I wouldn’t wait until I was healthy to be happy, or to make a difference in the world. I began using the gifts I still possessed, ones that had nothing to do with whether my legs worked. I began writing a young adult fantasy novel called Elements about a girl living in a hidden world who must learn to survive when everything she knows is taken from her. Around this time, I was introduced to an energy healer. During one of our sessions, she had me hold two different stones to help ground my waning spirit. I looked them up after our session, and was fascinated to find that, like the characters in my book, the gemstones represented different elements. I began researching these stones, discovering their elements, mythology, and historical uses. I implemented this knowledge into my novel, and later created this jewelry line based off the amulets worn by my characters.

Now, every morning, my fingers hesitate above the mahogany drawer housing my jewelry collection. Faceted gemstones wink back at me from their boxes. Turquoise. Amethyst. Labradorite. Amber.

I don’t choose my adornments lightly. I ask myself: what challenges will the day hold? Will I be having difficult or high-stake conversations where I must communicate with eloquence and authority? Will today be emotionally challenging? Do I feel grounded, or lost in space? I look into the mirror and my feminine intuition smiles back at me, telling me which gems will help me most today.

Throughout the day, my fingers brush the gemstones, and I’m reminded of my chosen intention. Grounding. Strength. Wisdom. Creativity. Surrendering what isn’t mine to control. Most days, I dedicate each piece with what I’m grateful for that day. That way, every time my bracelets clink or my necklace shifts against my skin, I’m reminded of the blessings in my life.

Elements by Kaitlyn represents a line of jewelry that has been thoughtfully designed using the highest quality metals and gemstones. All pieces have been harmoniously combined to achieve their maximum effect. And because my intent for each piece is one of therapeutic healing, I refuse to work with cheaper metals containing questionable ingredients. (Not to mention, I can’t bear spending good money on anything that won’t last!) Therefore, every piece boasts sterling silver and gold filled accents and chains, both of which are considered to be lifetime metals due to their much higher silver/gold content.

This line has been designed with love and intention, for those who wish to invoke the power, wisdom, strength, and healing we all have within ourselves. May the beauty of these stones reflect the beauty that you are.

Love and Light, Kaitlyn

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