Air Collection. Love is like the wind, you can not see it, but you can always feel it.  

“The air around me tremors. I can feel it approaching, what I am praying so desperately won’t be real, heat radiating towards me as fervent as a love song. This can’t be happening. This can’t be real. I’m hallucinating. I am seeing things. The cavity of my head expands as the warmth at my back turns blazing hot. I turn around slowly, knowing that once I see what I’m about to see, there will be no comforting doubt to take peace in.”

Earth Collection. The earth has music for those who listen. Open your heart to the melody.

“Tall and sinewy with a wide-set mouth, his eyes bore into mine. Something is swirling in them I can’t quite name. Without breaking eye contact, he grabs the door handle and lifts upwards, engaging the latch hidden underneath. The door swings open. He gives me a taunting smile, as if to say: you need me to show you that again in slow motion?

I tell myself that I’m just imagining his attitude. No one would be so mean to a perfect stranger. I’m wrong.”

Fire Collection. The inner fire is the most important facet mankind possesses.

“I open my mouth to speak, and nothing comes out. Standing before me is quite possibly the most gorgeous human specimen I’ve ever seen. The overhead sun drapes his athletic form in a halo, lighting up his honey blond hair and reflecting the blue of his eyes.”

“Hey, of course it will be,” he assures me, placing his hand close to mine. A striking ring of citrine and heavy silver circles his index finger, the bright yellow gem flickering brilliantly in the sunlight. The warmth in my belly turns molten, and I back away, my heart pounding against my chest.”

Water Collection. The waves that take you away are the same that can carry you home.

“Driving toward Kilmery High, the blue ocean to my left winks at me, providing a welcome distraction from the thoughts churning my mind. Snaps of refracted light bouncing off the water are almost blinding, creating entire patches of current that gleam white like diamonds.

I roll up my jeans to just above my knees and step into the damp, giving sand, letting the water ebb into my forsaken footprints as I wander along the edge of ocean and earth. “

Storm Collection. If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the strorm.

“I slap my palm to hers, and a shudder rips through me as I feel an eerie sense of unrest swirl explosively through my body, displacing all the oxygen from my blood cells and speeding it through my veins, running towards my carotid artery like a souped-up race car. I swallow hard, the pressure of her hand on mine feeling like a hail storm, sending prickly shocks down my arm. Her deep indigo eyes churn like a tornado, sucking me in, taking my air, all my air– And then her hand is gone, waving at us as she jogs off like nothing had happened. What did just happen??”

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