Drop the Mic


Delicate and sweet, this Pearl and Ruby necklace is the perfect mix of luxe and everyday. One large lustrous white pearl crests at the dip of this delicate piece, framed on either side by a string of Rubies. Every stone has been lovingly hand-wrapped using Gold-Filled wire, which will take a lifetime to tarnish. A two inch extender capped with a single AAAA Pearl floats at the nape of your neck, making this 16″ necklace fully adjustable to accompany any neckline. Wear on the smallest link to bring focus up to the face, or elongate to add balance with a lower neckline.

Rubies emit warmth, strength, and tenacity. Their frequency resonates with our root chakra, therefore connecting to our life force to reflect passion, enthusiasm, strength, and adventure. An empowering stone to wear for any occasion! This sweet necklace was designed to be the Bridesmaid as part of the Elements by Kaitlyn Special Occassion Ruby Collection. Nervous about that Maid of Honor speech? Never fear! With this bold stone about your neck, all you’ll need to worry about is whether or not to drop the mic.

This necklace is a part of the Elements by Kaitlyn Bridal and Special Occassion Line. All pieces will come to you gift-wrapped in our special luxe black box with satin ribbon. Want to give this gorgeous piece to someone you love? Attach a note with your order with the name of the recipient, and I will add a custom name tag for free!

Size: 16″ with a 2″ extender

Therapeutic Elements Used: Pearl, Ruby, and Gold-Fill

Who It Benefits: Those who wish to reflect passion, courage, strength, enthusiasm, adventure, and soothing calm

Element: Water, Earth

Chakras: Root (1st)

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Dimensions 16 in


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