Velvet Ink Lariat Necklace


This gorgeous lariat necklace featuring an AAA grade Kyanite teardrop was designed to emulate the night sky as it inches past dusk against the gleam of the silvery moon. Kyanite is a gorgeous blue gem, commonly mistaken for sapphire. As an exceptionally high vibrational stone that resonates with every chakra, it truly does go with everything! Enjoy the versatility of this necklace, and pair it with everything from beach-wear to denim to that black-tie gala dress.

All pieces come gift-wrapped in my new luxe black and gold packaging with satin ribbon. If you are buying this as a gift, add a comment with the lucky lady’s name at check-out, and I’ll attach a personalized gift tag for free!

Length: 16” chain with a 2.75″ drop

Therapeutic Elements Used: AAA Kyanite, Sterling Silver

Who It Benefits: Kyanite is a powerful storm element, said to enhance one’s psychic ability, empathy, connection with nature, and ability for past-life recall. It has a very high vibrational energy that activates the mind, opening one’s capacity for attaining higher consciousness. As such, it is a wonderful stone to use during meditation. Blue Kyanite is also commonly used for the pursuit of self-healing.

Element: Storm

Chakras: All, especially Third Eye (6th) and Heart (7th)

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Dimensions 16 in


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Velvet Ink Lariat Necklace


Sparkling delicate lariat necklace made with AAA gem-grade Kyanite and an artistic sterling silver chain.